Staffing Solutions for Employers

Community Employment matches the needs of your businesses with the skills and interests of workers with disabilities. Our staff will thoroughly analyze the work you need done and match it to an appropriate candidate or crew of workers. Once a placement has been made, our staff will provide ongoing consultation to your business and ongoing support to your employee(s) to ensure the relationship continues to be a success.

Benefits of Working with Community Employment

Cost Savings - Reduce the time and money your business spends on advertising, interviewing, and training.  Save money through job analysis--identify ways to divide tasks efficiently between your high-skilled and entry-level staff.

Work Opportunity Tax Credits - Receive tax credits for your new hire. To learn more, contact Community Employment, or go to

Government Contracting Credits - Fulfill requirements to hire and advance people with disabilities. Boost contract proposals by including formal plans to hire or subcontract to people with disabilities.

Prescreened Employees - Find the right person for the right job.

Training & Retention Support - Receive cost-free, ongoing training, and retention support for your new employee. Our staff will be there to ensure that your needs are being met and to make any training adjustments necessary to guarantee the continued success of your new employee until they are ready to work independently.

Employer Consultation - Receive cost-free consultation on tax credits, workplace accommodations, and more.

Employment Models

Community Employment offers you three unique employment models that can help you get the job done.

Individual Placement - An individual is matched to an existing or special job in your company and becomes your employee.  The types of jobs our clients can perform are as broad as the jobs you have to offer.

Enclaves - An enclave is a dedicated site within your business where a small group of workers performs specific tasks or produces specific goods. A Community Employment supervisor remains on site to provide guidance at no cost to your business. The workers may either be under your employ, or may be hired on a contractual basis.

Mobile Crews - Mobile crews are groups of workers that travel between worksites or branches of your business performing specific tasks, such as building maintenance or grounds keeping.  Community Employment provides transportation, and in most cases, equipment. Services are provided on a contractual basis.

Employment Partners

Businesses throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York employ hundreds of our clients each year.
Click here for a partial list of businesses that employ Community Employment clients.
Click here for a list of corporate partners that have formal training contracts with Community Employment.

Helpful Links and Resources

Click here for a list of helpful websites containing general information, guidebooks for tax forms for hiring people with disabilities.