Take a Look at these Community Enterprises Volunteer Opportunities

We will work around your schedule to accommodate you and your staff either in your office or at a CE housing site, a participant employment location or a CE administrative office. Volunteer for a few hours or a full day; mentor one of our clients for a few months; or create your own unique volunteer project that suits your interests and talents.

  • Arrange for outings or recreational activities for CE program participants

  • Hold a cooking lesson for CE program participants

  • Run an exercise class for CE program participants

  • Suggest names of people who would be interested in getting involved in CE

  • Help plan a CE Special Event

  • Lend your expertise as a speaker for a group of people with disabilities seeking jobs or other motivational topics

  • Arrange for a tour of your worksite so that people with disabilities can see a variety of job opportunities.

  • Spend a day with your co-workers volunteering at a CE Employment program.

  • Provide an opportunity for a person with a disability to shadow you at work.

  • Be a mentor for a person with a disability by helping with resume building and interview preparation

  • Work with CE employees to develop a customized, social gathering for your staff and people with disabilities.

  • Attend CE recreational or social events.

  • Share your enthusiasm and time at a sporting event.

  • Put your culinary expertise to work by preparing a dinner or holiday meal.

  • Volunteer some time at one of CE’s program residences. Join an established group activity, come in to run an educational or rec group, or just spend the day at the residence learning how the CE programs work?

  • Begin a longer term mentoring relationship with a participant around more general things more like a Big Sister or Brother connection which would be ongoing and mutually beneficial.

  • For sports enthusiasts, pull together a group of interested participants and volunteers who would like to organize a team to play softball, volleyball, mini golf, etc. once a week.

  • For tag or estate sale junkies, help CE participants organize a day-long sale that will help them raise money for whatever they need.

  • Internship and community service opportunities for students

  • Perform administrative or clerical work.

What would you or your agency get out of volunteering a CE?

  • Experience the satisfaction of giving back

  • Empower the life of a person who has disabilities

  • Promote positive morale among employees

  • Increase corporate social responsibility and sustainability

  • Build an optimistic and ethical corporate work culture

  • Introduce staff to a more diverse workforce

  • Offer expertise and advice to people with disabilities who are eager to learn from professionals; gain from the experience of people with disabilities

  • Receive opportunities for positive publicity in local media

  • Demonstrate your commitment to diversity to customers, employers, clients, staff and vendors

Please contact info@communityenterprises.com for more information. Thank you for your interest!