Why Your Financial Contributions Are Important

Community Enterprises provides supported employment, education, and living services to people with disabilities. Working closely with families, employers and the greater community, we work to create a wide range of services that help our clients live, learn and work independently.

We need your help to continue to make a difference. Government funding cuts jeopardize the programs and services we provide. By getting involved, your support will to ensure that Community Enterprises will continue to empower people with disabilities to live, learn, and work independently.   

Your contributions help to fund these critical services and programs:

  • Start-up costs for new residences or renovations of existing homes
  • Generators so our most vulnerable clients and their families will have peace of mind
  • The purchase of handicapped accessible vehicles for those who are physically disabled
  • Scholarships that enable our clients to go to camp or on a vacation
  • Employment Training and Placement Programs

Find out about the myriad of giving opportunities we have available which complement everyone’s ability to give. Opportunities include making an online donation on our secure website right now.

Other ways to get involved with Community Enterprises include:

  • Becoming a Founding Member of the Albert Lognin Legacy Society click here for more information
  • Become a Community Enterprises Volunteer
  • Participate in a Community Enterprises event
  • Contracting with us to offer our award winning employment program model our Industry Specific Training and Placement Program
  • Creating your own event to support CE

Individuals with disabilities are an essential resource for our country's future.  The numerous talents, insights, perspectives, and contributions that each individual with a disability has to offer need a voice.  They also need an organization that listens to that voice and acts on what is heard. We appreciate your interest and support and your desire to get involved and to make a difference. For additional information, please contact info@communityenterprises.com or call Pam Zagorski or Dick Venne at 413.584.1460.