Empowering People with Disabilities

To see the impact Community Enterprises has had on someone’s life, please view the video excerpt included below. It is from a speech at our 40th Anniversary Celebration given by Troy, a man who gained employment by successfully completing our Job Training Placement Program.

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Did you know that you can easily double your donation?  Many companies encourage their employees to donate to charities by matching their contributions. To find out more, contact Kathy Moylan at 413.584.1460.  You can give through payroll deduction, monthly donations, planned giving and gifts of stock.

We are inviting you to become a committed supporter and help us to further our mission. Your ongoing support will enable Community Enterprises to maximize the impact of the lives of the individuals we serve.

It's a simple way to give with powerful results.  It's efficient!  Payroll deduction is seamless.  Most people waste $48 per week which is $98 per pay period. You won’t notice the few dollars missing from your paycheck but collectively your dollars will make an impact.  Using your credit card, checking or savings accounts for monthly giving is another seamless method of giving which collectively makes an impact.

It's flexible.  Payroll deduction and monthly giving can accommodate any budget. You can increase, decrease or stop donating your gift at any time.

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